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    Welcome to Montreal Custom Guitars
    Make Your Instrument Look Personalized
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    Serving Guitarists For More Than Ten Years Now
    Every Design Created By Us Is Unique

Every guitarist wants to make their instrument look personalized. However finding an artist to do the same can be a bit challenging. With so many self-proclaimed designers these days you cannot believe anyone when it comes to you customising such a personal piece of your life and passion. That is why it is always recommended to check an artists portfolio before hand while making the decision. Although if you are looking for a place where you can not only get your guitar customised on a short notice but can also have full guarantee of the work then make sure to visit Montreal Custom Guitars.

Our studio is one of the most renowned within the locality and has been serving guitarists for more than ten years now. We make sure that every guitar that we work on is personalized in such a way that it represents the artists thought process and preference. We also make sure that each and every design created by us is unique and hundred percent original so that our clients get a one-of-a-kind outcome. On the other hand we also take up design suggestions from our clients in case they have a particular artwork or shapen in mind which they want to put on their guitars.

Furthermore we also understand that everyone is not able to afford high end rates which is why we have kept our price structure pretty simple. We believe in serving our clients more rather than earning money. Even if you are looking for a quick turnaround time then Montreal Custom Guitars is definitely a place to consider. Due to all the excellent customer reviews that we have got over the years our studio has become one of the top rated ones. This is even more so because of our unique artwork which always stands out from the rest.